martes, 27 de septiembre de 2011



Today we will learn to realise these delicious ones
gominolas of variable flavors.

INGREDIENTS (they leave 60):

1 gelatin Envelope with the chosen flavor (85 grs)
2 neutral gelatin Envelopes (2 of 10 grs)
200 water CL
300 grs of sugar
Molds of variable forms

We grease the molds with sunflower oil.

I prepare the ingredients as you see here.

We hydrate the neutral gelatin with the COLD water removing a minute.
We put it to warm up without getting to boil

We turn around the sugar without stopping removing until one dissolves in its totality

Now it is the turn to add the flavor gelatin, without stopping removing…

When this without grumos we are, it throwing directly in the molds.

We let cool to room temperature,
and when they esten cold they put in the refrigerator about 30 minutes

Spent east time, we removed and we stripped.

We put in tuper with sugar and….

We shake type cocktail shaker Simultaneously, SINGING. je, je, je

 And it already is,
(not you comais all in one go)

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